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Since 1988 we have been talking about "Guidespeak." Guidespeak, not to be confused with godspeed, is a compilation of terms, thoughts and phrases that we as guides and our guests use on the water, or in other words... Referring to the lingo, and phrases used by fly fishers.   Generally the phrase or word was inspired by some happening or occurrence.

Guidespeak also encompasses Guidelike in the overall scheme of things...Guidelike - Referring to the disposition, looks, attitude, style, lingo, flavor, smell and overall general appearance and approach to the day, life and/or task at hand...

Commonly Used Terms and Phrases (This is a work in progress; Check back for updates)

The One and Done Factor  The truly unbelievable and unexplanable occurence on the Upper Columbia where you approach a large run, make your first cast, hook a fish and then NADA throughout the remainder of the run.

The Columbia Step The sea legged swagger after stepping off the boat from a day on the Upper Columbia

River Cash  This is the political name for TP, Toilet Paper or aka __ __ __ Wipe. 

Steelhead Smooth That walking speed water that steelhead live in! They are lower then you think! Steelhead can be anywhere. However, in any given piece of water, they are usually lower in the run then you think.

The First Five If you survive the first five seconds of a steelhead hook-up there is high likelihood of landing that fish. It is the first 5 seconds 'when all hell breaks loose' that is the crucial factor.

Cripple and Kill The trout behavior of mauling and debilitating the bug/fly and then circling back around to eat it!

TGR Or in other words a 'Typical Guide Rig' - Commonly appointed with.... chew cups, gob o bugs (see below), power bars, empty cans of copenhagen, 'our team sponsor', rods on hood racks, drift boat in tow, empty red bull cans

Therapy The insight gathered from a day of fishing the two hander with maybe
a grab or fish,  maybe not.

North American Caucasian Fish The politically correct name for a Rocky Mountain Whitefish.

River Cash This is the political name for TP, Toilet Paper or aka __ __ __ Wipe.

Team Dip This term has nothing to do with jumping into the water. It refers to the rally factor, a get'r done pre-requisite and it involves one of our team sponsors...Copenhagen. In essence, when a group of anglers are waterside and the chips are down, or the fishing is great, the sun is out or the snow is deep, the wind is howling or they just ain't eating Drakes, it is 'Team Dip time' (Copenhagen that is) for the inspiration factor. Term spawned by Joel Mclain - July 09' on The UC

Swingin' The preferred method of fishing the fly.

Guide Babble Often occurs when 4 or more guides become confined to a small space, and consists of 7 or more separate conversations between 3 or 4 guides, all on-going at the same time. Topics jump all over the map and volume in said space (Jeep Cherokee) and tends to escalate as guides get excited.

Fish Slapped This one is certainly not politically correct... So in context, 'Dude, that fish just kicked your ass, he flat out violated your game. You just got Fish Slapped!'

An A.D.D. Quest This term requires a definition before the definition ....
Plain and simple, no doubt about it, guides are universally a breed apart. Trying to organize a group of guides is like corralling a herd of stallions…I would equate it to A.D.D. Gone Wild. 'ADD Gone Wild' is involuntary. In other words 'It is what it is"
An 'A.D.D. Quest' is another term that is very similar, and although we have diagnosed it as involuntary there seems to be an underlying theme in which the guide subliminally seeks out random tasks and thoughts.

Keep it under the bobber A term we use if it is important to keep something quiet...For Example; What's the best fly of the week?; What stretch of river is fishing the best?;; Who stole the beer?, yada, yada, yada! So in context- John said 'Jason took the beer' Derek replied 'hey man, keep that under the bobber, eh!'

The DNA of Fly Fishing I first heard this term from Ian @ Yellow Dog. The ensuing definition is an elaboration of the original...
The DNA of Fly Fishing are the interpersonal and business connections we make while on the journey in pursuit of fish with the fly. In combination with that, the DNA also consists of the desire to learn new 'trichniques' and enjoy our office 'waterside' in which we are so graciously blessed with. Make no mistake about it, we are in the business of providing an experience for the guest. It is remarkable how many of these guests become friends and how we all continue to marvel at the 'creation factor' of the places we are so fortunate to spend our time!

LOFT Lack of fricken talent - 'That guy had a bad case of LOFT'

PLLDS Post lunch let down syndrome; Similar to the Food Coma

FishPorn No Skin, Just Scales

Phone-Bake Dropping a phone in the water is a monthly occurrence for most fly fishing guides. Standard procedure is to take the battery and chip out of the phone, wrap the phone in a towel followed by approximately a two hour 'phone bake' in the oven on warm. Usually this does the trick! Often times the guide in a tired and 'guidelike' fashion will accidentally put the phone in the microwave instead of the oven - We refer to this clearly as a 'phone fry'

Chuck and Squint This term was coined by Erik Jensen in his second year up on the Columbia river with us and refers to the end of the day where the fly is 'CHUCKED' out there and the body is lower to a 'lessor elevation' as you are looking into the fading glare of the night and 'SQUINTING' to see the bugs for just one last take!

That's a good fly but lets use this one Basically this means I dont know who sold you those flies but they are not on the menu.....

To Bead or not to Bead John Kritsonis coined this term and it refers to the age old, or let me rephrase that, 'the new age' question concerning the use of 'Beads' (which replicate eggs) under a bobbercator to fool chrome; steelhead that is. Therefore, 'To bead or not to bead' is a highly moral question in the modern fly fishing world.

Client Babble Karl Lindor coined this term and it refers to the nonstop often times pointless and senseless banter between guests in a boat. It is possible the babble is a form of a defense mechanism to combat fish nazi guides.

Bobber Tending One of the 'things' a guide needs to do when aiding the anglers drift while floating down the river in search of the fish with the nymph.

Nymph Rip The sound of the line ripping from the water when the angler sees the bobbercator go down.

Bobbercation This term refers to the fabrication of a bobber! When making an indi-bob out of yarn often times we utilize a comb to 'fluff' up the bobber- hence 'bobbercation'

A Bobbercator aka...
Indi-Bob(Indicator/Bobber hybrid)
Float(Old school name)
Strike Indicator
Strike Detector
ASID (Acute Strike Indicator Detector)

Is used to detect strikes while drifting a fly suspended below the bobbercator in a static free fashion. This technique is the complete opposite of fishing a fly under tension or commonly referred to as the 'swing'

Castingitis An affliction that many anglers get after they realize how efficient a good loop is for their cast. One of the suggested cures for this condition consists of repeating the following sentences ... "There are no fish in the air" and "The fish live in the water"

Bulldogging It is what we do on the Upper Columbia - Wrestle big sleds on big water to wrangle with big resident bows.

POW When a substantial task has been completed or a worthy achievement has transpired, we like to say POW!

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