Monday, June 3, 2013

Mother Jan's B-day and the Klickitat Opener

Great fishing, tough catching. We heard of a couple fish  caught over the weekend but our crew did not land any Steelhead. We did however have one big yank. Fish counts over Bonneville have been less than average but have recently bumped up over the past 24 hours. Regardless it was a GREAT weekend.
Techniques fished    Floaters to T-14 and Skaters to 6 inches of Pink -  Really?

The most important part of this weekend was celebrating Jan Cottrell's B-day!  The party migrated back and forth between  The Steelhead Underground in Klickitat and  The Steelhead Ranch on the breaks of the river.  An impressive amount of people showed up to give mother Jan a hug!  This organic party just keeps growing year to year.  It was a 'flat out' awesome gathering.

The Food Menu
Jan's New Mexico Enchilada - Unfrickenbelievable....The best enchiladas, ever, period, end of story
BBQ Pork
New Mexico Chile
Chocolate Cake

The unofficial list that came to give Jan a hug
Steelie Mike and Jennifer with Lily, Kade & Reece
Brian, Dawn and Natalie Chou
Andrea and Daniel
Bo and Kirsten
Ben Dow
Jack Mitchell
Jay, Shane and James Thacker
Trey and Phyllis Combs
Kerry and Mary Ann Burkheimer

Photo album here 

Life is good -jm