Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ride with Clyde

In life their are some things that become Iconic. The Drake Magazine has done an incredible job at portraying Fly Fishing Culture and in the same breathe adding a bit of satire amid the roses.

Typical to many magazines, The Drake has its usual departments/features and 'Ride with Clyde' is a feature that was incorporated to The Drake Magazine a few years back.

'Clyde' (a 1972 Mercury Brougham) has traveled around to many watersheds and locals since the Mercury's rebirth.  Recently, Clyde has been hanging around at 'The Steelhead Ranch' and on the Klickitat River.  Not only does Clyde command the road but the Brougham lends itself to a conversation or two. More to follow on Clyde's visit to South Central Washington coming soon.