This website is a vehicle to shoot the shit about thoughts, insight, trickniques, policy, conservation, reports, news or the lack there of. Although it will generally be focused on something in the fishing world, I can almost guarantee 'other topics' will be highlighted here and there.
Been taking guests/anglers fishing, teaching them the in's and out's of getting it done for 25 years now. Along the way we have made life long friends, and learned 'a lot' while enjoying the arteries of the earth. Good equipment is needed to face the elements, not just because it is cool. Learning to fish the fly is not done in one day or a lifetime...One fish is a good day, numbers of fish is extraordinary, although often. Appreciation runs deep. The hope is our grandchildren will be able and want to do the same. It is 'kinda' a way of life. We are fortunate to be able to make a living doing so..

Swing, drift, skate the fly - However you like to do it. Respect other anglers and teach the young ones the magic. Check our site out here.... www.theeveninghatch.com

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